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On Friendship, and Working With Your Hands.

I have a friend named Alisha who celebrated a birthday this past week. Alisha and I have known each other for roughly the past four years, and our friendship has grown immensely in the last two. I can’t recall exactly when or how we decided to be such good friends, but it happened and I am ever-so-glad it did. What started off as a friendly acquaintance evolved into a support system for school, relationships, and delicious home-cooked meals when I have needed them the most. I am extremely blessed to have a kindred spirit who shares my passions about Jesus, medicine, food and music.

As a symbol of the birthday celebration, I baked this cake. Its a blackberry bundt cake with an orange glaze* that just feels like summer to me. Of course, living in south Mississippi it seems like the summer always feels you, but for the sake of friendship and summer berries, this cake is perfect.

I have a tiny kitchen, and being a college student my kitchen resources are limited at best. The original recipe calls for luxury appliances like mixers, which I do not have. However, I do have two fully-functioning hands, and I believe that people were making cakes years before there were mixers, and successfully. I’ll walk you through it, if the world of non-gadgetry is new to you. (more…)