Linkage + Thanksgiving

A really lovely food blog that combines my two favorite material things: Food and Photography.

Eater, a tremendous website that looks at food in the news and its relations in pop culture. New posts daily, worth the bookmark.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A huge rainbow sprang up this afternoon. Just another reminder of God’s mercy and how thankful I am to have it.

Just a view from the leaves.

Oh give thanks to the LORD for he is good! His mercy endure forever” 1 Chronicles 16:34


Some Links

A cake I plan on making this Sunday, for a going away party on Monday.

Is being white(er) really that important to those from darker ethnicities? Interesting, very interesting…

If you go to a church that is more, how do you say, modern? ‘relevant’? you may not want to watch this. Otherwise, hilarious.

Awesome post on how to host a jam party, and recipes to match.

And last night: found a spider in the bathroom roughly the size of a small bell pepper. He was definitely armed and probably had a posse somewhere in the shadows. I thought about just giving him the bathroom, but the only other toilet is across the yard. A full can of cleaning solution tossed at him from a safe distance made him scurry away. So no worries.

Happy 4th, Enjoy your food.

A nice post on why one shouldn’t become so health conscious that food is no longer enjoyed. I ate a burger today from Five Guys in honor of this very kind of thinking.

Flowers on the farm taken in the evening. They’re everywhere around here.

Happy Holiday.