The Electric Fence, a Farm Tour, and a Story.

Tales From the Farm:

These goats. They look innocent enough, right? Of course not. Scenario: I’m riding my bike down the farm road, snapping pictures. These guys are hanging out really close to the (electric) fence. Naturally I think its an opportune time to take some pictures of these friendly beasts. I stop, get this shot, then they just slide right under the fence (electric, remember?) like its not even there. Thought process: “Great. Escapees. And its my third day here.” Again, naturally, I start to panic, because what this picture doesn’t show is the entire herd of hollow-horned mammals lounging behind these two, and I begin to envision them all coming through the fence in a stampede of curiosity and mischief. Then I would really have some issues. I am no goat wrangler.

So I precede to take hold of their little collars in the form of a blue chain and guide them back under the fence. The first goes easily. The second goat (the far right one in the picture) makes me chase him a bit. I think the other goats are laughing. When I begin to push/deposit the second goat through the fence, my arm hits the electric fence. Now, this is a strange sensation. It made its way through my left arm, across my chest, then down my right arm. It wasn’t painful, just really uncomfortable and startling. It could have been painful. It was also really quick. Later I wondered what nerve I hit. Hopefully I will have more goat photos without mishap to share.

Now, on to the farm tour.