College student briefly farming trying to stay alive in nursing school, forever cooking and commandeering.

The whole thing:

O Captain! My Captain! is the title of a poem written by Walt Whitman concerning the death of the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The title of this little piece of the internet had nothing to do with any of that, although I do appreciate Abe Lincoln, Walt Whitman, and poetry. The title of this is more akin to the Dead Poets Society reference, where instructor Keating tells his students they may address him as such, if they feel daring. I appreciate that, so here is to emerging as daring.

There will be a lot of talk talk here when I am not studying about food, farming, with sprinklings of others thoughts.

The author of this blog is in nursing school. (Which means life is limited until May 6th 2011) She likes photography, cooking, giraffes, Jesus and the color green and purple.

Until, happy reading.



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