Some Pictures and a Link to Some Video

Last Day at the Farm. Sad. And hopefully cooler soon.

Here is a link to some video of some goats and chickens I posted on facebook. I was unable to successfully post them here, but everyone should be able to see them. They are cute animals, totally worth the viewing.

Backstory: the chickens in the video (and in the photo below) were donated to the farm by a lady who buys milk here. Apparently they were “dumped” in her backyard. These are not puppies or kittens, so I’m curious as to how one ‘dumps’ a chicken. They are very nice looking birds though.

And the goats are just happy.

These photos are from the new garden, of some cantaloupe that I planted that came up very nicely. I’m proud.

Happy times at the farm. The majority of this blog will be used to write about how I am a college student and feed myself at the same times. Truly a miracle. Stay tuned.


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